Online Help to Beat the Blues

Senior Woman Using Laptop To Connect With Family For Video Call

Separation from family and friends can be really hard especially when the ability to see them is out of your control.

Thanks to the amazing capabilities of our smartphones and tablets, we can connect on lots of video chat platforms to at least get a glimpse of each other.

So let’s beat the blues of loneliness in these unprecedented times of social distancing by connecting online.

I’ve seen friends and family create a surprise birthday party online recently for a birthday girl in Toronto. Over 58 persons logged on from Jamaica, Atlanta, Florida, the UK and all across Canada. The birthday “girl” was moved to tears at the determination of her friends to celebrate her 50-something with her.

You could feel the love oozing through the screen.

A DJ on hand played her favourite music while her daughter showed a slideshow of pictures and videos from special moments in her mom’s life. We all laughed hard, shared heart and created an unforgettable memory we will each cherish for a lifetime.

You can be as creative in staying in touch with your nanna, friends, kids, siblings or whomever.

If you aren’t too familiar with the technology or don’t even know where to start, here are a few of the most popular video chat options you can choose from. Skype, MarcoPolo, Facetime, Google hangouts, Zoom. Click on the highlighted words for a direct link to download or learn more about each one.

Until we start gathering again, use the technology to at least see your loved ones if you can’t physically visit with them.

On a parting note: if you’re concerned you were exposed to COVID-19 or are showing symptoms, please take this self-assessment test.

From all of us at the A-Supreme Foundation, let’s stay safe and stay connected.

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