Caregiver Support

We help caregivers to gain better understanding of seniors issues including family dynamics, elderly abuse, aging and memory loss, bereavement, in order to provide better care.

Education ...

Through education, Caregivers become more aware.

Empathy ...

We provide the tools to foster greater empathy among Caregivers.

Confidence ...

Confidence - the result of knowing and caring about quality of work.


We provide education programs that help support Caregivers, the front-line people in the ongoing care of seniors.


We work with healthcare providers (institutions and individuals) to address the needs and challenges of the aging Canadian population.


We provide additional support and assistance to individual caregivers to help them through their own personal challenges. We feel this will reflect positively in their daily work.

Volunteering with seniors is a great opportunity not only to give aid to those in need, but also to learn from the wisdom of past generations.

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