Family Support Programs

Support includes assessment, informal counselling and crisis counselling, including information and referral, and advocacy.

To teach

To empower

To foster independence


We host a series of ongoing workshops and seminars to educate seniors, their families, and caregivers on key elements of “healthy aging”. Information is delivered by trained industry experts through our workshops, seminars and one-on-one sessions.


We offer support to families who need assistance to connect with available services in the community for seniors. Professionally trained staff work with family members to help them get the support they need, encouraging families to connect with and access these available resources [in the community] that will help get them through difficult times.


As a charitable organization aimed at compassionate care, we prioritize best practices and actively work to engage our community as a whole about how to best serve others in a manner that is loving and dignified.

If you believe that quality care for seniors is an important issue, consider making an active difference by donating or  volunteering with us.

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