What’s going to happen to our growing senior population?

A silent crisis is currently developing, and it involves the growing senior population. As the Baby Boom generation rapidly approaches retirement age, we as a community are about to see a major senior care increase in our senior population.

In fact, it is estimated that within one generation, the elderly will outnumber young people under the age of 15 (on a worldwide scale!). Although some in our community are prepared for retirement, the Global Financial Crisis hit a lot of us pretty hard, and there are many who are not financially established to support themselves through their senior years. Thus, it will fall to our community as a whole to ensure adequate care for these valuable members of society.

So what can we do to prepare for this new age (forgive the pun!)? Whether we choose to care for our own aging family members, get involved with community projects and non-profit organizations aimed at addressing these issues, or contributing to the organizations financially, we each have a role to play. By finding ways to contribute now, we can take a major step towards addressing this crisis before it starts.


  1. Aashima Singhal says

    A splendid article for everyone of us to ponder upon. Cheers!

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